Tookie Tuesdays: No Nos of Email Marketing

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Dogs hear "NO NO NO" all the time when they're doing something destructive. They have the tools and teeth but not the direction to know when and how to use them.

Are you sinking your teeth into email marketing but causing unknown damage? Do you know the "No Nos"? The things to avoid? Ways to not irritate your customers?

Tookie would certainly please me more if he brought my slippers to the foot of my bed (as opposed to taking them away to hide and demolish). I can get irritated when all I want to is for the pup to add value and be useful. (OK so clearly I need to put some time in to training). You do too if you want your emails to add value to the people you reach.

Here's a few No Nos to keep in mind when you're emailing your customers:

DON'T forget who you are speaking to.

  • Make it relevant to your reader. Know your lists and send them what will help them. Think about their day and their email bin of endless inbound junk. What do they need today? How can you help?

DON'T Forget to give people a way to stop hearing from you.

  • If you are delivering relevant content, you'll gather and maintain a solid audience. Some people who are currently on your list, will have different needs and simply no longer have a reason to read your emails.  That's ok and it's best to give them a simple, professional way to unsubscribe. Plus, it's the rules. You must provide an "opt out" method for your readers.

DON'T bore them with long emails.

  • Be relevant and respectful of time. Block out your content in segments that appeal to different personality types. Be quick to the point and keep your subject lines relevant and without teasers that don't deliver. Get to the point. Build trust. Again, offer value.

DON'T send attachments.

  • Why? Too many people will be annoyed. Do you like having to take another step? Use free downloads as a gift elsewhere. Keep the information in one simple place. Don't waste your reader's time. Put it in the email. Too much information for one email? That's two emails. Congratulations, your draft for your next outreach is already done!

DON'T be someone else

  • Email is just another way for people to get to know you and your brand. It takes 5 – 7 points of contact before anyone will buy from you so relax and be yourself. Don't sell or ask for anything until you've built trust.  Remember that you are writing to people. Write as if you are speaking to someone you are getting to know. Be yourself and speak in your own voice. Pretend you're sending your friend a quick head's up about something. You wouldn't waste their time.

DON'T junk it up

  • Get someone else to proof your emails. Errors are common when you're re-writing and over-thinking emails. Be professional by getting a final edit from someone who preferably has a different writing style than you. Typically if you are writing in your own voice, you will have less errors. If you do pre-writes and copy into your email, beware of special characters. We've all seen them and they throw you off don't they? Foreign objects and unpredictable stops cause alarm. Also, go with the technology most likely to be used by the most people. Keep it simple.

Feel like you bit off more than you can chew? Come, sit, stay, have a treat. We can learn a lot together.

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