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IPhoneScreenshot141Just when I thought Pinterest was for making me look cool and interesting, I find out I can actually justify my pinning time as being a social activity that might just boost business! Imagine my surprise and delight when I realized Pinterest is a tool for my social media role at Markit Motion!

Up until now, Pinterest has been my virtual bullet board. I pin pleasing, inspiring and delightful images, giving credit to the photographers, and an elbow and nod to those I follow. Together we follow one another down rabbit holes of shiny object delight daily. I post and pin and pin and post.

Pinterest is wonderful world of sharing our great taste without exposing any of our less "Pin-able" habits and guilty pleasures. If Facebook is the reader board of life, then Pinterest is the movie trailer. Complete with stylists and photographers. WAIT! I'll have to start a new board of who would play me and my friends and family next! Yikes, there's another shiny object. O.K. back to what I came here to post about.

Because getting social is part of my new role with Markit, I am constantly trying to keep up with the ever-changing web world. When I find an interesting article, I'll post it here. Today, I thought I'd share a great post about how business could use Pinterest. I'm excited to add these steps to my social cycle.

Check out Social Media Examiners's post 26 Tips for Using Pinterest for Business and learn how Pinterest’s ease of use for visually bookmarking, organizing and sharing things you love has made it a hit among individuals and businesses alike.

Enjoy this read on 26 tips, an A-Z guide for creating a business presence on Pinterest.

As far as getting to know each other, post a comment with a link to your Pinterest boards. If you want to visit my real life, please call ahead so I can shove my mess in closets. But for now, check out my Pinterest:

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