Tried-and-True Tactics Rank High

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According to a survey by MarketingSherpa, tried and true marketing practices are still widespread. B2B organizations were asked what percentage of budget they allocate for a variety of inbound and outbound tactics. Keeping up with what your B2B marketing peers focused on last year offers a compass for 2012.  This chart shows the results from more than 1,700 of B2B marketing organizations surveyed.



  • Direct mail is a strong component in connecting with customers. When integrated with other communication strategies, direct mail provides a solid return on your investment.
  • Despite the increase in the use of e-readers and smartphones, print publications increased. Are you capturing your potential customer's attention and showcasing your strengths?
  • Tradeshows moved from the seventh most effective tactic to fourth from the previous year. Are you planning ahead for your next event or meeting? Tell us about your upcoming event ahead of time so we can cut your budget up to 50%. TIME = SAVINGS…EVERY TIME!

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What our customers are saying:

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