More Creative Control at Pinterest

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Edit Board Cover.2

On your board, click on “Edit Board Cover” to change the image.

Footloose Friday Post: More Creative Control at Pinterest

Pinterest released Thursday a much-requested feature: the ability to choose the pin that appears on the cover of your boards.

I've been reviewing my Pinterest boards to be sure they are an idyllic first impression of myself. I'm spontaneous by nature and Pinterest is absolutely made for me. Oh how I love a distraction from my tangible to do list!

Up until now, Pinterest users had no control over their board covers: by default, the latest pin served as the board cover. As of yesterday, you'll see the nifty "Edit Board Cover" option where you can select which image you would like to represent your boards.

Above I've shared a screen shot of my new board covers that I added this morning. As you can see I showcase my "Pin-Board Self" as:

  1. Foot Loose and Fancy Free (a.k.a "FLAFF")
  2. A fabulous eclectic designer 
  3. Whimsical daydreamer
  4. World Traveller
  5. Angst ridden lyric lover

Recently we started dabbling on Pinterest for Markit Motion to show how our team sees the world, what we value and think is interesting. We're just getting started, but here's a quick shot of the boards we've started on Markit's Pinterest Page:

Markit Pins.2

Are you using Pinterest for business? Share a link so we can see how you showcase your Pin-Board Self.

Happy Pinning and Happy Friday!

Karen Orr

The Markit Team

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