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Finally I'm able to get in on all the hipster hype about Instagram! Ever since I said a teary goodbye to my iPhone, I've been feeling left out of the Instagram fun so many of my creative friends have been enjoying.

This week Instagram launched the much anticipated Android version of the iPhone app and has already past the million mark on downloads. Count me in because as of today, I've downloaded the Instagram app and have uploaded via my Android phone.

While I was checking on the progress of my download, I was asked what it was about all this social sharing that drew people like me in. For me it connects me to other creatives and is fun and fast and FREE. It's lively and a quick and easy way to connect and share my life. Social apps don't replace my in-person social needs, they enhance them.

I was also asked why I would need it and how I would use it. Is it just another social site? I didn't have an answer for that but will dive in this weekend and report back on what I find out. So far it's been intuitive and pleasing is bringing me closer to my phone.

Of course my next step will be seeing if there is any way I can validate some work time on Instagram and if it fits our outreach and business sharing. Not sure on that one yet but I'll let you know!


Karen Orr

The Markit Team

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  1. From the part Facebook has bought Instagram, it has come up with great things and great features. The only problem is with the size of it’s android application which is too huge.


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