5 Steps to Attract New Customers

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1. Evaluate your brand. Every day we are bombarded with thousands of advertising messages. Stastics say that only 5 of them stick. Memorable design is key to the success of your business and the first step in effective branding.


2. Get noticed. Boost your profile at tradeshows and conferences with banners, signage, tradeshow exhibits, staff apparel and marketing collateral. The choices are endless, but not all promotional products produce results.

3. Leave a lasting impression. Promotional products boast the longest shelf life and lowest cost per impression of any marketing tool. Deciding on a promotional item to echo your brand is vital in any marketing campaign.

CatHeader-catalog4. Build repeat business by staying in contact. The open rate with existing customers is very high with direct mail because they know and trust you. Whether your business is adding a new service, offering a special or expanding, communicating to your warm leads is effective. Never forget, "out of sight, out of mind"…


5. Seek new prospects. Many companies make the mistake of relying on their existing customer base, rather than reaching out to new prospects. Ensure steady growth with a reliable source for new leads. Lead Generation is crucial. Mail1

Your list should be cleaned at least once a year. We offer a complimentary list cleaning including:

  • NCOA (National Change of Address) Updates
  • US Postal CASS Certification
  • Duplicate Address Filter


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