Avoid These Cold Calling Mistakes

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You've got a list of leads that's been sitting under a pile on your desk for months. Everything on your "To Do List" seems to bump cold calls down in priority. Sound familiar?

Every sales person knows that reaching new prospects is critical. If you're not making calls, you're not using all of your potential to establish new relationships.

Prospects lead to new connections, which are opportunities to offer solutions to problems. You have the solution, so it's time to make the call.

Here are some mistakes to avoid when making cold calls:

Mistake #1: Failing to be in a Professional Mindset

One of the biggest hurdles for getting started is being in a professional mindset. If you work from home, this can be difficult, especially if there are distractions.  

We all have days when it's tough to get rolling, we feel lazy and some people start work in pjs and slippers – big mistake. In order to be successful when reaching out on the phone, you must sound professional, energized and confident.

Put your business shoes on. Tidy up your desk. Stand up and take a deep breath and start calling.

Mistake #2: Waiting Until You Need Business to Drum Up Business

All too often sales people wait until business is lacking to reach out and find new customers. Unfortunately, this will decrease your odds of success because you need the sale too much and people will feel it.

Calling on new prospects should be part of your regular routine. Create a schedule for cold calling and stick to it. Rather than collecting dust, that list will start to work for you.

Mistake #3: Taking Rejection Personally

It's human nature to have a fear of rejection and it never feels good to have someone hang up on you. There. I've said it, now get on with it.

Remember that you can expect 10 "No"s for every "Yes". Go in knowing these are the odds so you don't take it personally. Think of each "No" as getting you one step closer to a "Yes".

It's a number's game and you can't win if you don't play.

Mistake #4: Stopping After Success

It feels great to set an appointment, make a sale or create a positive impression on a call. It's also a time most sales people stop for the day and rest on success. What a waste of positive energy.

Don't you enjoy talking to people who are upbeat and light hearted? Don't you feel that way when you've had a win?

Once you have a successful call, make another one. Confidence comes across on the phone and when you've had a good call, harness that energy and make another.

Keep up with your goal until you've finished on a positive note. Then put your new warm leads into a system for follow up to ensure success. More on that later.

Lead Generation is a crucial strategy. A successful plan to ensure steady growth includes a reliable source for new leads. We will analyze who is buying from you now and offer targeted lead lists of like-minded people to expand your business. Get a Mailing List Today

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