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I signed up for news from recently in my never-ending exploration of dreamy new fabulous fads. Getting lost is easy with the massive amount of creativity posted on the web.

Sharing tips and leads is always gratifying, so I thought I would share what came across my desktop today. From this peek of my actual desktop, you can see I love color (and vintage dishes)
Being in the business of advertising specialties gives me ample opportunity to browse and explore. When I find something new and different, I'll share it here.

Check out the PANTONE® collection from Senvenuti where the pantone colors are celebrated with a wink in everyday objects like these chairs.


And boxes:

If you're into color, we've got just about everything you can imagine. What we don't have, our creative team can have made. We have over 400,000 products available in our online catalog

I love these colorful 3-year calendars.100 sheets of spiral-bound lined paper with built-in elastic pen loop. Elastic closure.


Highlight your company with this nifty little cluster that packs a powerful punch. A five color highlighter set in the shape of a hand. Each finger or thumb has a different color:

Finding exciting promotional products is what we do best. While you're highlighing your calendar for upcoming events, we'd love to help.

Need ideas? We're full of them. Contact Us today

Karen Garrett

The Markit Team

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