Countdown to Shark Week!

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Who isn't fascinated by sharks? Ever since Jaws, it's tough to dip a toe in the ocean without wondering what may be beneath the surface. Talk about being branded as super scary and ominous!

From what I've read, there are only about 10 human deaths from shark attacks each year. And the circling dorsal fin above the surface isn't a preamble to a big bite after all – who knew?

If you're like me, and can't wait for Shark Week'12 which starts August 12, 2012, you can keep track down to the second on The Official Unofficial Countdown

Shark week
Be sure to balance the thrills you get from Shark Week with some real shark facts. The Discovery Channel website also does a great job of informing us of shark behavior.


"It's no secret that great white sharks occasionally bite and, on occasion, kill people, but man is a far greater threat to this species than vice versa. Great white sharks are listed as vulnerable to extinction." Learn more on here.

Have a great weekend at the beach or wherever else you're heading.

Karen Garrett

The Markit Team

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