Markit4Events: Vintage Weekender Bag

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I may have to start a "Love It So Much I Can Hardly Stand It" section for our blog.

I'm a sucker for fun, fresh, vintage styles and this Classic travel bag with trendy piping has it in the bag (if you will 😉

Imagine your event attendees travelling home with this dandy carry-on! Can't you just see them engaging in lively banter and feeling just a little bit more excellent than the rest of those roller-dragging regulars?

People love a conversation starter, and with this great give-away, you can keep them talking long after the show floor closes.

DownloadService.ashxVintage Weekender Bag

Classic travel bag in true vintage style with trendy accent piping. Zippered main compartment, front zippered pocket, side pockets and adjustable shoulder straps and top grab handles. Made with retro vinyl. Size: 18" x 10" x 12" Available in a variety of colors.

Want to stand out? Give us a shout!

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Karen Garrett

The Markit Team

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