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This summer I retraced my steps home with a long roadtrip from Arizona to British Columbia. We took the Pacific Coast Highway and although most of it was completely fogged in, the drive was wonderful.

Before I left, I got my car tuned up, checked tires, bought maps and packed the essentials.I learned a few things this summer on the road. First, I learned that I really love my smart phone and rely on the pleasing voice on my GPS all together too much.

I found out that my trusty smart phone is useless when out of range. Not only was I prevented from checking my facebook on the road due to lack of reception, I couldn't holler at my cell phone GPS to find the nearest Starbucks.

Ya, ya, I know I can get a coffee at any gas station, but I'm from Seattle. My morning latte makes me feel as secure as my fasted seat belt.

I also figured I could pick up a map at any gas station. But finding a gas station without a GPS – or a map – now that's a challenge.

Being prepared was a lesson I learned a long time ago. Long before cell phones. So while readying the car, I replaced my first aid kit and was pleased to find my trusty Road Safety Kit
was there. Talk about added confidence. These kits have everything!

First Aid Kits and Road Side Safety Kits are always a welcomed gift. Who doesn't appreciate a freebie that makes them feel more prepared?

These safety kids come fully stocked and we stock tons in our online store.

Roadside safety kit includes air compressor, flashlights etc. - Roadside safety kit includes air compressor, flashlights etc.Roadside Safety Kit is made by 600 denier polyester and essential for
every car owner. Kit includes: air compressor with 12-volt input,
multiple fill hose adapters, flashlight (includes 2 A batteries), strobe
light (includes 2 D batteries), 10-gauge jumper cables, tire pressure
gauge, gloves, distress flag, 2 bungee cords and rain poncho. Durable
travel case with top grab handle. Mercury free batteries. Pack First Aid Kit includes 108 pieces: Adhesive pads (6 small,
3 medium, 3 large), 6 Advil (R) packets, 6 Anacin (R) packets, 6
antibiotic ointment packets, 4 antiseptic towelettes, 30 bandages,
bio-hazard label, elastic bandage, 4 eye pads, 2 eyewash bottles, 2 first
aid cream packets, first aid guide, gauze roll, 2 insect repellent
towelettes, 2 insect sting relief packets, 3 iodine sticks, 2 latex
free gloves, resealable plastic bag and more.


Here's a shot taken of the Oregon Coast. I have a similar one of the California coast. It was more like a foggy fall trip, but if I'd been stuck roadside, I'd have been prepared. I didn't need my camera much on the scenic drive and I'm happy to report I didn't need any first aid or road side assistance either.

Karen Garrett

The Markit Team


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