Sink your Teeth into Arizona Restaurant Week

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AZRestaurant Week
As a new Arizona resident, I'm keen to explore and try out new restaurants. This week seems like a good time to get out with the Arizona Restaurant Week going on!

I shot over to the website and found out more about the state-wide event on their FAQ page.

What is Arizona Restaurant Week?
Arizona Restaurant Week is the most edible time of the year,
giving local, regional and national food lovers the opportunity to
enjoy a prix-fixe dinner for $20, $30 or $40 per person (unless noted:
excluding beverages, tax and gratuity) at a number of participating
Arizona restaurants. Arizona Restaurant Week’s goal is to position
Arizona as one of the top culinary destinations in the nation by
increasing awareness of the many dining opportunities available in the
state, as well as stimulating business and revenue for restaurants
throughout Arizona.

The website has a nifty list of restaurants with pleasing icons to click and filter your preferences.


See the list of over 200 Phoenix / Valley Area Restaurants HERE

"First Bites" reviews are available on the Arizona Restaurant Week Blog. Here's a nibble:

Highlights of the Meal:

Don't be thrown off by the location, while Atlas Bistro might be
smack dab in a strip mall right across from a check cashing joint, there
is nothing low budget about this place! The small dining room makes for
an intimate dining experience, from the relaxing jazz music, the kitsch
of the water glasses made from reconstructed wine bottles, to the
attention you will receive from the wait staff as well as General
Manager Todd Sawyer.


Bon Apetit!

Karen Garrett

The Markit Team

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