15 Ways To Identify Bad Leaders

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Pay attention to 15 items Mike Myatt, Contributor of Forbes.com outlines in this article: 15 Ways to Identify Bad Leaders

Here's the teaser:

  1. Leaders who can’t see it, probably won’t find it
  2. When leaders fail to lead themselves
  3. Put-up or shut-up
  4. Beware the know-it-all
  5. When there’s a failure to communicate
  6. It’s all about them
  7. Sing a little Kumbaya
  8. One size fits all leadership style
  9. Lack of focus
  10. Death by comfort zone
  11. Not paying attention to the consumer
  12. Get Invested
  13. The “A” word
  14. It’s the culture stupid
  15. Show some chutzpa

"It’s important to realize that just because someone holds a position of leadership, doesn’t necessarily mean they should. Put another way, not all leaders are created equal. The problem many organizations are suffering from is a recognition problem – they can’t seem to recognize good leaders from bad ones. In today’s column I’ll address how to identify bad leaders by pointing out a few things that should be obvious, but apparently aren’t." Click to continue

"Great leaders can communicate effectively across mediums, constituencies, and environments. They are active listeners, fluid thinkers, and know when to dial it up, down, or off." Read Full Article 

You can follow Mike on Twitter @mikemyatt

Source: Forbes

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  1. You forgot ones who are ALL about the money and not people. Anyone who will do anything and with no remorse to increase their own bottom line. Anyone who refuses to communicate with decorum and respect. Anyone who is a bully and think that they are entitled. Anyone who is disconnected from his employees and can not empathize with their plight. Anyone who will make decisions arbitrarily without thinking how it will effect the “little guy”…Great job! Keep up the good work!


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