How to Convert your Personal Pinterest Account to Business

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I just finished our Pinterest conversion and it was painless. 

We had an existing account on Pinterest, but if you don't yet, you can set up one on the business site.  

While I was going through the process starting on the Pinterest for Business Page I grabbed a few screen shots to show how easy it was.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Start on this page and Click the red 'Convert your existing account' button. 



Step 2: Next, select the 'Business Type' that best explains what you do. Markit has both an e-commerce website and we operate offline in the real face-to-face world too. For our purposes, it makes sense to choose 'Online Marketplace' so we can share and showcase our online promotional products catalog.




Step 4: Read the small print and if you agree, accept the agreement.


Step 5: Update your 'Profile' if necessary. Ours auto-filled with information I had created earlier. It's still relevant, so no changes there. This is how your business will appear on Pinterest.



Then some friendly reassurance with a pleasing confirmation page



Step 6: Next I was asked to verify our website. Pinterest needs to confirm that I have access to our website’s server. If you have a blog, you probably can't do this. If you don't know, you can learn more about verifying your website here.




Here's how our Markit Motion Pinterest Page looks today. 



Visit and follow us on Pinterest. Happy Pinning!

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