USPS Discounts for Business Mail

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A properly designed mail piece qualifies for the best postage rate possible! Properly designed mail pieces will help you avoid unanticipated costs and ensure accurate delivery.
Last week the USPS began ‘nudging’ mailers and marketers to institute IMbs (Intelligent Mail bar codes) with their direct mail and marketing strategies. In fact, the only way mailers and marketers will be able to get automation discounts now is by incorporating IMbs.

Below is part of the statement released by the USPS:

“…to continue receiving automation discounts after Jan. 28, letter-size and flat-size mail pieces, as well as postcards, the customer must have an IMb. Permit Reply Mail and Qualified Business Reply Mail also will need an IMb to receive automation pricing.”

Intelligent Mail bar codes (IMb) are placed either above the address block or in the bar code clear zone (lower right corner) of the piece and can even add an image or logo related to the mail piece. 

Intelligent mail is the technology platform for the next generation of mailing services, features and products. With the IMb, mailers and the Postal Service will have end-to-end visibility in the mail stream.

Intelligent Mail gives mailers and USPS more information about the mail — information they can use to make informed marketing, financial and operational decisions.

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