5 Ways to Create a Winning Brochure

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Markit-in-a-Minute: Business Brochures

Showcasing your products or services in an eye-catching brochure is an effective, relativity low-cost form of advertising.

When incorporated properly, graphics, colors and language provide a clear message and present your company in a positive light to clients or customers.

Here are some things to keep in mind when designing your brochure:

Remember your Brand. Your brand should be present on every page. You never know how the brochure is being viewed. Promote your brand ALWAYS!

Keep it Short & Sweet. People are busy and what's important to you isn't necessarily important to them. Just because you write it, doesn't mean they'll read it. Readers skim the headlines so be sure to get to the point.

Simplify your Message. DESIGN | PRINT | PROMO | MAIL is ours. What's yours? Outline the major points you're trying to make so they can find it easily and dive deeper into what they want to know.

Have a Clear Call to Action. A well-designed brochure will increase the desire for your service and get them to take action. How do you want them to respond or buy what you're selling? Do you want them to call you? Reply by mail or visit your website? Be clear.

Don't be Dated. Brochures get dated quickly if you offer any topical information. Company Awards from 1997 are not effective in stating your case. If you want your brochure to have a shelf-life longer than a few months, skip the dated material.

Try something new.

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