The Value of White Space

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Statistics reveal that we are exposed to more than 14,000 advertising messages daily and only 5 of them stick. We are bombarded and distracted. What makes us stop and pay attention? Good design.

Rambling, uninteresting text is like a poor presenter. If you've suffered to stay awake listening to a monotone speaker who never took a breath, you understand this concept completely. No matter how compelling the content, the message is lost if our attention is elsewhere.

Smart design quiets the visual "voices" and draws the consumer into your message.

However, content is useless unless the design is compelling enough to make them want to stop and read it.

White space, or the lack of an image, is just as important as the part of the design that has images or text. Space allows the reader to set their own pace.

In smart design, white space gives you the ability to guide the consumer through your message by placing more emphasis on the image that does exist.

So next time you're designing an Ad or Postcard or Billboard, remember that even though the cost-per-word does decrease as you cram more on the sheet, all value is lost if nobody reads them.

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