Markit-in-a-Minute: Logo Design

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So you’ve invested in creative brainstorming sessions and identified the values you want your logo to express. You’ve spun the color wheel and collaborated on the theme and message.

Everyone loves your tagline, the colors work and you’ve come up with a winning design that your team can’t wait to wear on a t-shirt.

Now comes the true test to the strength of your logo:

Does it still work in black and white?

Creating a memorable logo that packs a punch and conveys company concepts is a challenge.

Often so much time is spent working out how we want the design to appear; the long-term use for the logo is overlooked.

Here are some questions to consider:

  • Can it be printed on varied materials and background colors?
  • How about translucent surfaces like a branded water bottle?
  • Can it be engraved on a high-end gift?

Here’s the test:

Print it out on white paper with black ink.

Does it still speak to you or is the design lost?

Sometimes logos that look fabulous with interwoven colors, lose their impact when color is taken away.

Avoid going back to the drawing board (and frustrating your designer) by requesting your logo in color and black & white.

This will ensure your designer sends you suggestions with strength and staying power.

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