5 Ways to Cut Postage Costs

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Your designer has put together a masterpiece that captures the essence of your company and conveys your message flawlessly.

Your printer has masterfully executed this project by laying down the best layers of ink that would make Picasso shed a tear.

Throughout the project you've managed the costs and come in under budget. Perfect! Until the job arrives at the mail house and you find out your postage costs exceed the budget for your entire piece.



5 Tips to Save Big at the Post Office:

  1. Planning ahead can save you the most. Standard Rate vs. First Class can cut postage by almost 40%. The delivery speed can be slower but unless your message is dated, this is the way to go.
  2. Postage increases as the dimensions of the mailer grow. Talk to your mail house before you design to understand the rates. We've seen a $10,000 decrease in postage for a single project by cutting 1/4" off of the length.
  3. First Class postage increases when the weight exceeds one ounce. Standard rates are more flexible, allowing for 3.3 ounces before the rate increases.
  4. The post office rewards you by decreasing the postage amount if your mail house does the sorting for them. You can save 15 – 20% in postage by presorting.
  5. Mailing a piece that can be fully automated at the post office can save you a few cents as well. Definitely run the design past your mail house before you print because this part gets very technical with proper folds and tabs for self-mailers. If you include your mail house in the design of your project, you'll have a better chance of realizing these savings. If you wait until after the project is designed and printed, it may be too late.

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