OK Google, We Hear You

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The buzz from Google’s I/O conference is Google Now, the desktop Voice Activated smart assistant, where you can say, “OK Google”, then ask your question. 

Google Now will gather your calendar information, Google apps and Gmail and combine it with GPS and Maps.  

Dan Lyons with Hubspot writes, “Google’s long-term goal is to create a system that gives you information before you even ask for it — and maybe even before you know you need it. And with the technologies announced today, Google took another step toward it.”

According to The Verve, “Google used its biggest event of the year to reveal a major overhaul to Google Maps, an ambitious messaging initiative called Hangouts, and a redesigned Google+ filled with new features.”

OK Google, we hear you. And so do marketers, who will be able to gather and provide information and offers based on your location and activities. Is Google Now crossing privacy lines for you (that you know of) yet?