Trends in Printing

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To compete with digital marketing, printing is evolving to serve marketers with fast, efficient solutions to stay current. Take a fresh look at printing because the industry has changed.

Here are some trends in printing to consider:

Order Smaller Quantities

Shorter runs make more sense in our digital world because smaller batches allow you to communicate with your customers more often. Short run technology has improved to keep the costs down. Staying in contact keeps your message in the minds of your customers.

Add More Color

Create drama by adding a pop of color. Many people think that printing in Black & White is a cost savings. What they are often surprised to find is that color doesn't add much cost but has a huge effect on the recipient. Make a splash, add some wow factor and get noticed with color. Have you ever seen a black & white website?

Personalize by using Variable-Data Printing

Printing variable data creates the perception of interactivity with your prospect.

Take it one step further, print variable images so that even the pictures speak to the individual. If you market for a clothing store, and you know that your recipient, Stan, is a single guy in his 50's? Is it effective to put a picture of a family dressed in your apparel on the piece???

Using your customer database, you can add the variable data (text, graphics or images), to the printed piece so that it is printed specifically for Stan.

Keep it Fresh

Short run production advancements allow for frequent changes in your printed collateral so mix it up. Keep your prospects interested by giving them new information regularly. Highlight current accomplishments or new services quickly.

Markit Brochure

Add Dimension

Printing involves the sense of touch, unlike digital marketing. Use this to your advantage by adding in-line coatings to your project to add an inexpensive dimension to your collateral. A high gloss, satin or soft touch coat over your colorful piece can create a memorable experience for your intended recipient.

Discuss the trends in print technology with your vendor to stay current in your marketing. Response rates will skyrocket compared to the old school, one-size-fits-all marketing that your parents did.

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