Event Pop Up Stores – Benefits to Event Branding

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A few months ago, we set up and ran a Pop Up Store for a customer at an event in Indianapolis with several thousand attendees.

For years we've supplied the registration materials like water bottles, bags and name badges for the annual HEUG Conference. This year we took our relationship to the next level, managing a store where attendees could purchase theme and branded items as event souvenirs.

It was a huge success!

As with all of our services, we aim to take things off our clients' desks and make their jobs easier. What could have been a daunting task for the event planner or association team was a breeze.

They showed up and voila – their Pop Up Store was bustling.

We were given creative control on purchasing items to sell, along with designing the layout of the store. We also managed freight and set up and provided staffing.

We also changed decorating and displays each morning enticing new daily traffic. Updates on Twitter announced specials and prizes which gave the association something fun to blog about.

Some items were race themed for this specific event "Alliance 2013" and we designed tire track hats and t-shirts.

Knowing there would be lots of ladies, we dazzled the bling lovers with some pretty snazzy retractable "blingyards" to wear their ID Badges.

Since many of the attendees alternate with other people on who attends this show, there were lots of people buying things for their officemates. The big winners were the Stylus Pen and Rockin Ray Paper Clip Holder.


Tire track coffee mugs and gripper tumblers were popular, along with long sleeve dress shirts for the men.


Our team sported different apparel each day and had fun with the themes.

It was a blast meeting the attendees and pretty fun watching the excitement build and see the pride of the event leadership while people were buying their brand.

Benefits to Event Branding:

  • Instills pride
  • Generates excitement
  • Supports the brand
  • Bonds leadership and attendees
  • Makes the Event Planner look fantastic!

Want more tips on branding your next event? Talk to an Expert Today!

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