How to Photograph Fireworks

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White and Red © Jim Miotke 

Before I came to Markit, I had the pleasure of travelling and putting on events with an amazing team of photography pros lead by Jim Miotke. If you're heading out to watch fireworks tonight, here are some tips from our friends at to help you capture the action. 


Fireworks IX © Jim Miotke

Photographing Fireworks: A Celebration of Light and Color

by Kerry Drager

Displays of fireworks are such striking events – and it's no surprise that they've captured the attention of so many photographers. Regardless of where the fireworks light up the sky, these awesome displays always place high on the "Wow!" scale.

Photographing Fireworks: Tips and Techniques

But recording fireworks pictures involves planning and preparation, as well as some special shooting techniques. Not sure how to proceed? Fortunately, the subject has come up often at Here are some quick tips from BP shooters:

  • Use a tripod and cable release.
  • Arrive early in order to pick a good vantage point – one without obstructions (unless you plan to use a distinctive form as a foreground silhouette … i.e., person, statue, etc.).
  • Turn off the auto-flash – it won't help for distant subjects.
  • Set focus to infinity (via Manual mode).
  • Wide-angle or "normal" focal lengths are usually recommended for fireworks photography.
  • It's impossible to predict things perfectly … so plan to shoot a lot of images.

Get More Photo Tips Here

I miss my photography outings with these amazing photographers. Happy Fourth of July to all those shooting and enjoying fireworks tonight!

by Karen Garrett

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