Agua Fria Freddie 2014 – Arizona’s Version of Groundhog Day

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While Punxsutawney Phil is famous for his annual weather prognostications on February 2nd, he lacks knowledge of weather in Arizona.

Legend has it that a lesser-known prognosticator lives right here in Arizona with a 95% accuracy rate.

Locals know him as Agua Fria Freddie, a shadow-seeking rattlesnake that comes out every year on February 2nd to predict the coming of Spring to us desert-dwellers.

This event is actually a non-event, as we cannot find record of any gathering to watch this legend search for his shadow. There are some legitimate reasons for not having an actual event to celebrate his findings this year. 

  • Nobody ever volunteers to get close enough to look for the shadow of a rattlesnake.
  • Tourists are already in shorts and t-shirts so they don't care
  • The big party is at the Phoenix Open Golf Tournament
  • Football fans are focused on Super Bowl XLVIII

Rustler’s Rooste got to Freddie first and he’s an appetizer

It’s not difficult to predict when Spring will arrive in Arizona when the sun shines about 300 days a year, but it is comforting to know that Agua Fria Freddie is watching out for us. Just watch out for him the other 364 days a year when you’re hiking around South Mountain.

We hear that the TV stations in Phoenix are hiring Tukee the weather parrot to fill in over the Summer.

“Hot & Sunny…bawk!!!”


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