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Company brochures are a must for any company that relies on a sales force as part of its marketing efforts. The brochure is your leave-behind voice that continues the conversation long after your meeting is over.

The tactile experience of a brochure conveys your company message in a way that digital marketing cannot.

Understanding Who, What, Where, Why & How before you call in your designer will simplify the design process.

1. WHY? – Understand the purpose of your brochure
What is it for? Is it an introduction to your company? Is it an introduction to a specific product or service? Is it for brand awareness?

Understanding WHY you're giving your prospect this brochure will guide you in deciding WHAT information you need to include.

2. WHO? – Who is the recipient?
All marketing efforts must be presented to the recipient in a way that they want to receive it. It's Simple – A brochure that has a picture of a puppy on the front will not appeal to a CPA that may be interested in your new software that will make her more efficient.

Get into your prospect's head and present to them, as they want it.

3. WHAT? -Stay on brand
Unless you're rebranding or updating your current brand, the look and feel of your brochure must be consistent with all of your other marketing. Have you ever seen a purple IBM logo? No.

Most of the decisions about color and font were made when you designed your logo. If all of your printing and web collateral looks like it belongs together, then you're well on your way to making a cohesive branding statement and building a loyal following.

Stick with it, if you want it to stick with your potential customer!

4. WHERE? – How will the brochure be distributed?
Will this brochure stand alone as a self-mailer? Is it part of a larger packet of information left behind after a presentation? Will it be used as a cold-calling pamphlet? Is it a Trade show handout?

There are many uses for a brochure, and understanding the distribution channels will certainly guide the design of the piece to make it more effective.

5. HOW? – Keep it short
Your prospect is just as busy as you, so respect their time to invest in learning about your company. The longer it takes to read your brochure; more prospects will lose interest and stop reading. Or never even start if they see it's going to require too much of their time.

“If you build it, they will come" does not apply to company brochure design. The purpose of the brochure has to be clear, otherwise the recipient doesn't know what to do with the information you just handed them.


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