Tips to Writing Direct Mail Copy

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Don't try to create excitement with wit and words. For ultimate effectiveness, cut to the chase and leave the excitement to the design of your direct mail piece. In writing copy we often forget the basics of why we're doing it.

Here are some basics of Effective Direct Mail copy writing:

Focus on the Action Item. Don't let them loose sight of your objective. What do you want them to do? Call? Visit your website? Go to your store? Donate? Remind them throughout your piece of what they are supposed to do.

Keep sentences short. Period.

Use Bullets. We are skimmers. Use active words and make sure your message is clear.

Bend the Rules. Your teacher said not to end sentences with 'and' or 'but'. But it's OK in direct mail. And it can be effective. Incomplete sentences, not a problem.

Proof Read Out Loud. Write how you speak, and get rid of all of those extra words. Reading it out loud will help.

Don't be Shy. If you pretend you're not trying to sell them something, they might believe you. Make your offer clear, and don't be shy about it.

98% of us pick up our mail and sort through it every day. Some goes straight to the recycling, while others get your attention.

Pay attention to the pieces that get your attention and learn from them.

For Direct Mail that Makes an Impact –Contact Us Today.

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