Embrace Your Direct Mail Message

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To quote our own December 2013 article 'Tips to Writing Direct mail Copy' we said, "If you pretend you're not trying to sell them something, they might believe you".

An immeasurable amount of marketing dollars are wasted because the next step is not clear to the recipient of the direct mail piece. You got them to stop and read it with the captivating images and clever copy but now what?

The purpose of a piece can be lost in the design, so embrace your request and offer clarity.

You want them as customer, so tell them what to do to make that happen.

Come to Your Store

Show them clearly where you store is with a map, a readable address and when they can come (store hours). If they don't understand the WHERE and WHEN, then the WHY doesn't matter.

Visit Your Website

Of course you're going to print a URL on your direct mail piece if you're attempting to drive traffic to your site, but remember, your postcard is NOT "clickable" so you must make the URL as short as possible so it's easy to enter.


In electronic copy, it takes only one click to check out our archive of 168 articles about Design, Print, Promo and Mail. But printed on a postcard, this URL will never be visited because it would require too much effort to key in. Make it easy, shorten your links.

Interact with You on Your Social Sites

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter appreciate your promotion of their brand, but unless you have a vanity URL (facebook.com/MarkitMotion) for these social sites your customer will not find you by clicking on these logos on your postcard.

Strategic integration of your digital and printed marketing is powerful, but think it through to simplify the user experience.

Everyone embraces clarity but the smallest detail can muddy up your message. First, ask yourself, "what exactly do I want them to do?". Then design your message, including all of the components to make it easy for them to do it.

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