Digital Media Influences on Direct Mail

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With 98% of us picking up our mail daily, it's no secret why Direct Mail remains a robust and viable marketing tool.

It takes more time for the recipient to physically toss mail in the recycling than it does to hit the delete button in your inbox. This alone provides for a much higher response rate from mail over email.

Viewing email for the last 20 years has changed some of the hard fast rules of Direct Mail. Understand these changes in how people respond to your Direct Mail marketing and tweaking it just a little to support your digital efforts is a winning combination.

Keep these thoughts in mind the next time you embark on a Direct Mail Campaign:

Get to your point…QUICKLY! Like the subject line of an email, make your headings compelling enough to make me want more information. You have about 2 seconds to stop me from setting your piece aside for recycling. Photos and headings are your best bet in stopping me.

OLD RULE: Give them something to do. Make them open an envelope so they are engaged and committed.

WHAT'S DIFFERENT NOW: I don't have time. Unless I am currently doing business with you, I will not open an envelope from you. Postcards allow for a fast assessment of your message by showing a picture without any commitment of my time.

What do you want? Be clear in what you want them to do and make it easy for them to ACT NOW! One of our favorite Markit-in-a-Minute messages is "Don't pretend you're not trying to sell them something, they just might believe you." Of course you want them to buy something: You know it and they know it. Acting otherwise is what gives selling a bad reputation and turns people off on your offer.

OLD RULE: Ask them to fill out a Response Card and mail it back for more information.

WHAT'S DIFFERENT NOW: The biggest change in Direct Mail is all of the multi-channel response options. You can ask now drive them to your website for more information or make that purchase directly from your ecommerce store. You can ask them to engage on your Social pages for a special discount- or Live Chat, Email, Call. Just let them know which way you want them to respond.

How do they want it? You can add a lot of depth of content to your recipients by adding a QR code that will point them to whatever online destination you set up for them. Maybe it's a special for a specific product on your eCommerce site or a registration page developed for an event you want them to attend.

OLD RULE: A Response Card or a Phone call used to be the only options.

WHAT'S DIFFERENT NOW: The QR code can take them directly to your Facebook page or a video tour of the house for sale down the street. A very wise man once told us that "You don't need to have all of the answers, just a good source for them" The QR Code can provide that source with all of the answers without having to find space on your mailer to print them.

Closing thoughts:

  • Email hasn't taken the punch out of Direct Mail, it's added to the options to create a really effective Direct Mail Campaign.
  • Email allows for a brief subject line to grab their attention before it's deleted, Direct Mail offers the use of colorful images, compelling headers and the sense of touch to interest your prospect.
  • Direct Mail is 3 times more likely to result in a sale than a targeted email.

We've experienced a surge in Direct Mail projects from our customers who understand that when they are used with the new rules in mind, they can be a very effective piece in your marketing arsenal.

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