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Postcards may be the most cost-effective marketing pieces to manufacture, but making the right choices in paper, ink, coating and size can increase your response rate by leaps and bounds.

Short run capabilities and personalization allow you to speak directly to your audience. Capture your reader's attention using their name in the salutation.

Read on for the 4 most common printing practices to save money on production while increasing your ROI.

1. First Impressions Count – Choose Paper Wisely

Postcards are received without any other type of packaging (envelopes) so the thickness of the paper can add to the perception of your company's image. The post office requires a minimum thickness of .009mil paper but thicker is better to give the feel of stability.

White paper provides for the truest reproduction of color. Printing ink is transparent and it changes when printed on colored paper.

We recommend printing postcards on .014mil, white, glossy paper.

2. Ink Spot Color vs. Process

As we recommended in the previous newsletter article about postcard design, you should always use process color (CMYK) to get noticed.

Colorful reproduction of your graphics and photos gives your postcard the advantage of standing out in a pile of mail. There's nothing junky about a beautifully colored graphic image.

Process color printing allows an endless choice of colors.

3. Protect your investment with Coating

During the sorting process, the postal sorting machines can damage postcards. Adding a coating to your postcard not only reduces the amount of scratching caused by postal delivery, but it makes your ink colors jump off the card making your image POP!

Add an Aqueous or UV Coating to give your postcard a rich finish.

4. Go Big for Maximum Message Space

Postcards come in various sizes but most people think of the little 4" x 6" option of days gone by. Smaller sizes get lost in the mail and lose effectiveness because of the limited image area.

A larger postcard, like the 6" x 11" option, has 132 square inches of image area. Plenty of room to display a compelling image and tell them how to respond.

Go with 6" x 11" postcards for maximum space for your message.

To sum up our recommendations for printing an effective postcard:

  • Paper: use .014mil, white, glossy
  • Ink: process color
  • Coating: UV gloss coating on the front
  • Size: 6" x 11"

Markit can Design, Print and Mail your custom postcard with your message.

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