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Want to take your postcards to the next level? There are very exciting options in postcard materials that will enhance your message.

Specialty postcards can create a lasting perception of your brand that goes beyond a creative design. Listed below are some examples of effective postcard products and how they can be utilized.

For commonly uncommon specialty postcards that stand out

Seed Postcards

Eco-friendly brands have had huge success sending postcards that have wildflower seeds embedded in the paper. Your postcard recipient can actually plant the paper it's printed on. Talk about growing your customers!

Plant a lasting impression with theseexamples of seeded cards

Magnet Postcards

Postcards can be manufactured with a magnet attached that can be removed and used for easy reference.

These magnet postcards are popular with schools, urgent care centers, health care offices and cities that provide emergency phone numbers for Fire, Police and poison control.

Here are some examples of magnet cards

Lenticular Postcards

We've all seen lenticular cards with more than one image that changes as you tip the card back and forth but probably never knew what they were called.

A lenticular postcard is effective in announcing a change in your brand with an image of your old brand changing to the new. This process can also be utilized to create a 3D image on your card to give it some depth.

Here are some examples of lenticular cards

Decal Postcards

Creating a postcard with a peel-off decal to be placed on a product can create a long-lasting message as a reminder.

Decal postcards can be an effective reminder for a service company to be placed on a water softener or AC unit as a reminder of who to call for repairs if needed.

Here are some examples of decal postcards

If you want to create a postcard with usefulness beyond your marketing message, consider a specialty postcard for a future mailing.

Learn more about PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS in our article archives.

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