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Whether you're mailing to your current customer list or purchase a list of targeted prospects, postcards require the least amount of processing of all direct mail products.

The only processing required is getting the addresses on the cards after your list is sorted for best postage rates, and mailing them.

If you choose Every Door Direct Mail(EDDM) service, you don't even need to print an address on the card.

Take a moment to read this short article to better understand your options for mailing postcards.

Easy Mail Processing:

  • No Folding
  • No Tabbing
  • No Inserting
  • No Stamping

Planning ahead for your postcard mailing allows for postage options that can save a lot of your mailing budget. The post office offers reduced postage services for the mailing savvy and printing the appropriate postage indicia on your postcard can cut your postage in half.

Here are some postage options to consider:

  • Presorted 1st Class – same delivery speed as 1st Class for only $0.39 each instead of $0.49 each.
  • Presorted Standard – may be a longer delivery speed but postage is reduced to $0.28 each.
  • Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) – $0.17 each but can only be mailed to all addresses in a carrier route. No target list.

Keep these options in mind for your next marketing campaign. Postcard mailing can make direct mail a very affordable, effective sales tool.

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