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Holiday Gift Guide
Holiday Gift Guide

Every year the Holidays sneak up on us. Not that we haven’t been warned for 4 months prior, with decorations for sale in the retail stores. First we ignore it because it’s too ridiculously soon to even think about it. Then before you know it December 15th arrives and we scramble for business gifts for the Holidays before it’s too late.

When we’re in a rush, it’s tough to think fast for something to give customers that’s not too personal, but still let’s them know we’re grateful for our business relationship.

It’s not the time to send a T-shirt or a pad folio with a calculator on the inside pocket branded with your company name. Remember that your gift is a gift of gratitude, not a billboard to reinforce your brand.

Be Tastefully Thoughtful

Food is a universally accepted, and appreciated, business gift for the Holidays, but it’s not as simple as dropping off a large tin of popcorn with your card taped to the top of the lid.

Neatly packaged, tastefully branded, professionally prepared food gifts are excellent Corporate Gifts for the Holiday. Food gifts remind customers of your gratitude, and are the perfect way to thank everyone in the office from the CEO to the accounts payable person to the warehouse guy.

Get it Off Your Plate and Onto Theirs

Most food gifts can be ordered early and shipped later to arrive closer to the Holidays. And for convenience, many of our food manufacturers can ship directly to your customers with your return address on it. Simply send a list with your customer’s address and we’ll make sure your customer receives their delicious gift during the Holidays.

Be Creative

Even though we offer hundreds of prepackaged food gifts, you can create custom gifts that can be packaged to include a holiday greeting card or any other item you choose to include.

Plan Ahead and Save Money

Some of our food manufacturers offer incentives for early orders by adding discounts if your order is placed before a certain cut-off date (usually in October). A 10 – 20% savings can be realized by ordering early.

We’ve created a link to make it easy for you to¬†view the 350 items available from just one of our food gifters that offer discounts for early orders.

  • Browse our site for ideas that fit your budget
  • Create your list, we’ll check it twice
  • Enjoy a worry-free Holiday Season

Order Early, Save Big, Ship Later! See More>

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