Corporate Holiday Gift Guide

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The holiday season is the perfect time of year to remind your customers that they are important.

Let them know you’re thinking about them, and taking the time to reach out and spread a little holiday cheer. If you’re in charge of finding the perfect gift for your customers, the options can seem endless. It’s tough to guess what someone else will attach value to and what they need. So don’t guess.

The #1 question we get asked this time of year is, “what are the best corporate holiday gifts?” The answer to this question, is actually a series of questions. What is their occupation? Do you know their age range and gender?

Knowing the demographic will narrow our suggestions to suit your group.

A medical practitioner may need a desk accessory, where someone who is on the road in a truck all day would not. An understanding of what they do will help you determine what they will use.

Give something useful – a tool of the trade or common household item. If what you give them is useful (and branded), they will think of you often.

Give gifts that have lasting value or evoke a feeling. If your customer is someone you know a little about, sending something that fits his or her lifestyle, hobby or goals, can really go far. It shows you listen and care.

Here’s some ideas to get you started:

Sports Fans or Fanatic Parents:
Stadium Chairs, Stadium Blankets, Coolers and Picnic Baskets and are always well received and have staying power.

For the Travel Savvy: Global Travel Adapters go a long way to keep them feeling connected to you. USB travel adapter combines a universal charger and adaptor in one. Built-in universal USB charger eliminates the need of traveling with multiple chargers.

Gifts that Rejuvenate: Everyone loves a little pampering. Manicure sets, scented candles, spa slippers and warming neck wraps renew and refresh.
Tower of Sweets

When in doubt, send food. When food gifts arrive at the office, your customer feels excitement. Who doesn’t love a surprise gift? Then, when they share it with office mates, they feel gratitude. You never know, they might even feel like a hero!


Be Prepared to Go the Safety Route. When your customer packs the car for road trips, they will think of you as they feel prepared and equipped with a Car Safety Kit. A Well stocked Safety or First Aid Kit is used for years. Don’t you want to come to the rescue?


Refreshing Ideas. A new eco-friendly filtered water bottle puts you in the mind of your customer every time they reach for a drink and feel refreshed.


Gifts for Growth. Stop by with a Seed & Grow Kit and check in to see how it’s blooming. Add a little life to the party with a live plant that will stay after the decorations are down. Show up with a watering can on your next visit to nurture the plant and your relationship!


Barrier Breakers. Think beyond your current customers and stock up on items you can bring with you to meet new prospects. A candy jar for the receptionist that you return to fill is a great way to open doors.

Save time by letting us handle fulfillment. Send us your list and we’ll deliver! Order early to save money.

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