Markit Guide to Eco-Friendly Fabrics

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Eco-Friendly Apparel for Women & Men
Eco-Friendly Apparel for Women & Men

If you are considering taking a step towards social awareness in 2016, eco-friendly products are a fantastic place to start. If you’re choosing apparel for your company or customers, understanding what’s good for the environment can be confusing. To cut through the clutter (minimizing wasted time), we’ve outlined the fabric options for you.

While organic cotton is the preferred crop for many manufacturers, bamboo, soy, hemp and corn are growing in the eco-friendly movement. Here’s a basic explanation of each of the environmentally friendly fabric choices.

Organic Cotton
The difference between organic cotton and standard cotton is that organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides or chemical additives in soil that has been chemical free for at least three years.


Bamboo is extra-soft and very durable, breathable, UV resistant and antimicrobial. It feels like a cross between cashmere and silk. Bamboo requires no pesticides to grow, and is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world.

Soy fabrics are soft and smooth and contain natural antibacterial agents. Soy has the same moisture-absorption properties as cotton, but with better moisture transmission, for drier, more comfortable garments.

Three times stronger than cotton and easy to grow, hemp doesn’t require fertilizer or pesticides. It’s also antimicrobial, UV resistant and breathable. It’s not as soft as cotton, but in a blend it can add durability to a garment.

Corn-based fabric has excellent moisture-wicking properties, UV resistance and low odor retention. It’s also stain resistant, experiences minimal shrinkage and pilling, and is biodegradable and compostable.

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