Brand Messaging for Personality Types

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It’s not what you say…it’s what they hear

When my dogs start barking in my backyard they don’t stop if I scream at them because all they hear is me barking along with them. Even though I’m yelling “Quiet, keep it down” they think “alright he’s barking along with us” only reinforcing their actions.

Likewise, in marketing your Brand, The Golden Rule doesn’t always apply when your customer’s personality type is different than your own. Intuitive Branding takes the recipient’s point of view into consideration and translates the message accordingly.

Branding by Design

Visual Brand Design creates an interest in your brand with a logo for quick recognition and a carefully selected color pallet that supports your message. Understand your color selection and choose wisely. For instance, financial institutions might want to stay away from being too “in the red” for obvious reasons.

Clarity in Words

Once you’ve stopped your prospects in their tracks with your visually intriguing logo design you need to understand that their attention is only temporary. You only have a few seconds to convince people to invest more time to understand what you do. Using a clear tagline near your logo provides a brief view into your message. Then you can begin the conversation by getting to the point quickly with your succinct copy writing. Don’t waste their time. Just because you write it doesn’t mean they’ll read it.

What now?

If these first 2 steps have been effective in creating an interest in your product or service it’s important that you tell viewers exactly what you want them to do. Do you want them to purchase something on your website? Pick up the phone and call? Attend a special event at your store? Give clear instructions.

Follow Through

Like your golf swing, what happens after you hit the ball is just as important as before you make contact. Prepare your organization to effectively act on your prospect’s response. Website orders should be easy to place, phone calls should be answered without prompts and your store should be clean and welcoming.

Whether your brand is introduced by direct mail sending emails, or a printed piece resented at a tradeshow the process of creating and supporting your brand remains the same. Clarity in who you are, why they need you and how to get it will give you a better chance at converting prospects into customers.

Rick Garrett
Rick Garrett, CEO and founder of Markit Motion, Inc.

Rick Garrett is he CEO and founder of Markit Motion, Inc. Rick started Markit Motion in 2009 using all of his experience to provide corporate branding solutions to businesses in their efforts to communicate with their customers.

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